Commercial Energy Auditor

Commercial Energy Auditor

We like to take the hard work out of finding the best supplier for your commercial energy auditor needs. We have been in the industry for 22 years and we have the infrastructure to cover every conceivable supply-demand, from the single high street shop to a multi-site group account. Why pay more than what you have to for your utilities?

What makes us different? We think that we offer outstanding customer service, with having vast knowledge of the ever-changing energy market.

Who Is Power Audit UK?

Power Audit UK was started by Sean Taylor who believes in being known for power audits great work and not from telemarketing calls, he understands that it is a common disappointment as you may receive up to four or five calls a day. We like to base our success from referrals and recommendations. A vision that every broker/consultant should apply. After running for 22 years this is a proven formula to a happy and successful working relationship.

Our Services!

Full Audit

When you come with us we can do a full audit for you and this includes, making sure that you are on the correct tariff, checking the consumption ratio, make sure that you are meeting the new DCP161 requirements, review your contract end dates, review site capabilities and capacities and we will obtain data from existing suppliers to assist in forming recommendations.

Green Key Solutions

We can help you with DE stratification fan technology, commercial boiler maintenance and replacement, energy saving light planning and installation, cooling and heating under floor technology, grants avaliable via national and local authorities, solar panel advice and installations and we can advise the planning of car charging units. We have team up with some experts in various fields to give you professional advice and guidance to implement your requirements.

Newbuilds, Refurbishments and Upgrades

If you are looking to expand your site to accommodate added machinery that you need, you will want to establish whether or not your existing supply will be able to deliver. Working alongside your contractor we will be able to advise the best solution possible to make sure that when you start work again you don’t get any nasty surpirses. If you could get your requirements to us as earlier as possible the better it would be as some upgrades can take up to four months to process.

Bill Validation

We offer a great service for your peace of mind, we primarily do this at the beginning of new contacts but can also periodic re-confirmation throughout the term of the contract as well.


The issue of assisting customers with problems seems to be on the rise and with suppliers not able or even willing to assist with poorly written contracts. To prove our worth, we are happy to hear from you if assistance is required. In most cases, it’s just prior to pulling your hair out.

VAT Issues

There are a number of groups and associations including charities that need to keep costs to a minimum. One expense is the amount of VAT being charged. Give us a call and we will investigate the possibilities of a clawback. You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.

What Makes Energy Audits So Important?

Saving money on your energy bills is important to a lot of businesses, whether the company is big or small. What gets people the most stressed-out is the volume of energy companies to choose from. That is why an energy audit company like us are an ideal option to help you find which supplier to go with. Having our extensive knowledge available will allow you to make a better choice on where you are spending your money and what supplier could reduce this. An energy audit is a test that analyses your businesses facilities, showing how much you are spending on your energy. Sometimes this insight can shock people and you may be amazed by how much you could save on your energy.

How does it all work?

We are one of the most highly regarded commercial energy auditor in the area, part of our excellent reputation is based on the simplicity of what we require from our customers and to start finding the best energy deals for their company. Follow these 3 simple steps below to get started:

Put us to the test

Submit your energy bill below with 3 simple steps

1.  Send us your energy bill
2.  We will assess and research the market
3.  We provide you with the best deals based on our findings