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We make the complicated simple

We help you navigate the convoluted commercial energy market

We’re professionals at comparing the best gas and electricity deals

We give all our clients a tailored choice of contracts to choose from

We’re wholly impartial and want what’s best for you and your business

Regardless of your site’s size, location or energy consumption – we can help

We weed out dozens of suppliers offering hundreds of contracts

We can offer you substantial savings hiding in plain sight

We’ve been in the game a while now and offer a host of services

We do all the legwork for you

What does a commercial energy broker do?

We make the complicated simple.

Power Audit UK helps companies navigate the convoluted commercial energy market. I know what you’re thinking . . . can’t they just do it themselves? Of course . . . but then they run the risk of losing thousands! So how are we any better?

It’s simple really. We’re professionals at comparing the best commercial gas and electricity deals. Why? So that we can give our clients a tailored choice of contracts to choose from. At the end of the day, we want what’s best for you and your business. We’re a wholly impartial and trusted independent energy broker.

Regardless of your business’s size, location or energy consumption, we’re here for you. We whittle down our choices from dozens of suppliers offering hundreds of contracts. Can you imagine doing that alongside the daily humdrum of your business operations? Its painstaking work to the uninitiated but fret not, we do all the legwork for you.

We shine a light on saving secrets


There are many saving secrets hiding in plain sight. It might sound simple but did you know that once your fixed price contract nears its end, it simply rolls over? Should this happen and you haven’t notified your supplier, you may be charged a premium on top of your fixed rate. Such a simple oversight could cost you a small fortune AND a better deal, should you not negotiate! But with Power Audit UK, that needn’t be the case. We can help you avoid the high renewal costs most businesses are oblivious to. There are substantial saving opportunities to be found within the energy market. How do we find them? Through identifying the most competitive supplier, we can begin to unearth key savings. Power Audit UK acts an intermediary. We use our contacts and expertise to leverage the best possible deal for you, today.

Saved me money!


I gave them a problem to resolve prior to giving them my 14 restaurants to look after. They managed to retrieve approximately £38K in billing errors! I now have one supplier for gas and one for electricity all now with a common end date. I recommend Power Audit UK to anyone who wants to save money.

We do this and much more

Choosing the correct commercial energy broker should be as easy as one-two-three.

Here at Power Audit UK, we’re determined to make our services as efficient as our savings.

Some people WANT it to happen, some WISH it would happen, others WILL it to happen.

Step #1


Want to know how much?

Request a quote and we’ll touch base on how best we can go about saving money on your utilities. We offer a host of tailored services that can open your eyes to life-changing deals. It’s quick and simple and we’re behind you every step of the way.

Step #2


Wishing for the right deal?

Once we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff, we’ll open your eyes to your available options. Your business could see astronomical savings as soon as tomorrow and we’ll carry out all the necessary arrangements. However, every minute wishing is a minute wasted!

Step #3


Will you reap the rewards?

So you’ve wanted, you’ve wished and now you’ve willed your savings into action. Our impartial commercial energy broker has guided your every action and will go about ensuring you’re on the most competitive deal. Now relax and watch those pound coins pile high!

From Green Key Solutions to VAT Issues, we help our clients with newbuilds, refurbishments and upgrades too. We’ll support you throughout with our plethora of adjacent services. To save your business the most money, we recommend a Full Audit. This way, we can fully engrain ourselves in your business and get to the heart of what makes it tick. After all, your consumption charges could well be based on inaccurate information. We can even help you switch over to another supplier should they prove more fruitful to your savings.

Need an energy broker?


What: Power Audit UK
Who: Sean Taylor

With over 23 years of experience, Sean’s knowledge as a UK-based commercial energy broker is next-to-none. If you’d like to benefit from a full energy audit from Power Audit UK or any of Our Services, simply reach out and get in touch below! Sean’s worked across all sectors of business, including charities, schools and universities.

Our Energy Synergy


Power Audit UK is an independently owned commercial energy brokerage. After 23 years in the industry, Sean Taylor has accrued a harmonic knowledge of the ever-changing energy market. We have your best interests at heart and can unlock fantastic deals from the best suppliers. To prove this is the case, we vet our top energy providers and ensure our customers work with only the best. Together, we’ll meet a hospitable contract that will benefit your business. Whether it be with the “Big Six” energy suppliers or the bounty of newbies, we’ll connect you with a tailored deal.

Finding the time to manage your payments and ensure they’re kept to a minimum can be time-consuming. It can also prove a monumental challenge to the uninitiated. Yet, energy has become a significant running cost that can be a simple thing to overlook. You might well think that you can use a business comparison website. You could, yes. In fact, some can prove very helpful but most will leave you qualms unheard. That’s one of the great positives to Power Audit UK. Our experts will not only learn to understand your needs, we’ll fight for you too. As the energy market grows, the range of bills and services have become more complex and unruly. We engage with our client’s entire contracts and will liaise with suppliers on their behalf. In this capacity, we maintain our excellent relationships with the top quality energy suppliers. This way, it’ll be a struggle to fail on the road to procuring you the best deals.

Who will broker a ceasefire?


It’s unfortunate but it’s true, some commercial energy suppliers are out to get you. Their contacts may be easy to slip into but once they’ve got you – good luck getting out! Why are they like this?

Well, the government’s regulation on the commercial energy market is blind at best. Contracts are awash with impracticalities and complicated terminology. Suppliers charge the inflated numbers they do, simply because they can. Who’s going to stop them? Can David truly conquer Goliath? It’s possible, but these suppliers won’t course-correct until someone brokers a ceasefire. Will it be you? The government? I think not.

In fact, back in 2013, the government tried. Before then, the Big Six commercial energy providers dominated the UK energy market. Before that, there were historically just two suppliers. Since deregulation in the early 1990’s, more progressively emerged to provide the country’s energy needs. Sound bad? In a way, it was, but it was the lesser of two evils. The government regulator – Ofgem – did its best to right the wrong. When it intervened, it established the Consumer Vulnerability Strategy. For a short while, this gave alternative energy providers a chance at competing with the big boys. However, this innovative stalemate led to the implication we now find ourselves in.

When the suppliers had to rethink their tariffs, each offered wildly varying prices. Some of them foresaw the dazzling opportunity ahead of them got greedy. Smaller providers have smaller overheads. Customers could patently see this and believed the savings would fall their way. It seemed like a win-win situation, did it not? So, many jumped ship and sided with the new kids on the block. However, they should have thought twice about trusting such new ventures. Especially considering they had such unverifiable pasts. Hundreds found themselves running afoul of fiercely complicated and messy contracts (and we haven’t even delved into the “services” some were providing). Although the Big Six found they’d become too big for their britches, the damage was done. But with bigger overheads to pay, they had to claw their money back. In turn, they followed suit and made their contracts more complicated and derivative.

That leads us here and, you’re right to seek help.

The market’s a mess.

But that’s where Power Audit UK step in. We’re a well-established commercial energy broker who helps mediate deals. Using our expertise from over the years, we can establish whether you can trust a provider and its offer. We’ve been in the game for decades – back in the days of just the Big Six. Nowadays, this Wild West includes 40+ suppliers and hundreds of commercial energy brokers to boot.

Make Sure you’re on the Correct Tariff.


First things first. Unit rates are what you’re charged per unit of energy (kWh) by a provider. Depending on the size of your business, the average cost of 5,000-65,000 kWh of gas costs around 5p per unit. Whilst the average price of 5,000-50,000 kWh costs 14-16p per unit. Alongside this, providers will request standing charges for physically supplying you with energy. However, this can be somewhat arbitrary and varies between providers.

Ensuring you’re on the correct tariff gets you the best value for your business. It’s that simple.

The trouble is, it can be a headache without a commercial energy broker. How so, you ask? Trawling through dozens of quotes for gas and electricity is a thorny process. These quotes can begin to blend into one if you’re not too sure what to look out for – but we can help. In truth, prices vary between commercial energy suppliers and the businesses themselves. Want an insight into how suppliers assess the circumstances of your business? They can formulate a tariff from the following:

  1. The type of contract. Do you have a dual or single contract? Are your electricity and gas provided by the same supplier or billed separately?

2. Prices vary around the country and so the location of your business matters.


3. The length of the contract affects both your unit rates and your standing charges.


4. The size of your business. Small buildings don’t necessarily equal small overheads. Big businesses may find they can jump into more cost-effective coalescent tariffs.


5. The time of day your business operates is important, as energy costs less to supply at night.


6. More is less when it comes to pricing your yearly energy consumption. However, as the price per units goes down, expect the standing charge to go up!


7. Your current energy provider may already be the most price-efficient supplier. But you won’t know unless you compare tariffs!

With all this said and done, the “real world” can play havoc with the wholesale cost of your commercial energy. Conflicts, political events and natural disasters can inflate the cost of commercial energy. This obviously isn’t great. Not for you, your supplier or the world at large and yet, life moves on. We adapt, overcome and get on with it. Yet with a quality energy broker, we’ll guide your business through the murk and see you through to the other side. Always remember that your utilities are a non-emotive necessity . . . so why pay more than you have to?

Power Audit UK has the infrastructure to cover every conceivable supply demand. Whether you run a single high street shop or a multi-site business – we can help you, today!

Check your Consumption Ratio


Power Audit UK collects energy consumption data from all the businesses we work with. Through analysing these metrics, we can save you a considerable amount of energy. How? These statistics provide an overview that traditional means simply can’t. This is because energy consumption cannot solely be attributed to the price per unit. It would in an ideal world. However, businesses have to pay charging fees and there are other things to bear in mind. Sadly, metrics must take the location, building size and business operations into account. Yet, through comparing businesses, we are able to analyse spikes and trends. Why? So commercial energy brokers can provide an accurate snapshot of your consumption ratio . . . and anticipate it too!

Are you meeting the new DCP161 requirements?


Ofgem recently introduced excess capacity penalties for Half Hourly (HH) electricity supplies. From 2018, HH supplies that surpassed assigned capacities were liable for considerable fees. Why? Because of alterations to the Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA). This implementation ensured surplus costs incurred by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) were recoverable. Before this, there were no strict penalties to those exceeding their available capacity. However, the introduction of the DCP161 brought about much tougher incentives for businesses. Now, they are liable to pay an excess penalty rate to their suppliers. On average, this is 73% higher than the business’s typical capacity charge. This penalty charge is subject to many factors. Including the region and whether demand for commercial energy is higher there or not. Fortunately, as well as being a commercial energy broker, Sean Taylor is an energy auditor.

We’ll review your contract end date 


In theory, contracts are a simple concept. You sign on the dotted line fully expecting a clear end date. However, energy suppliers are scrupulous and will present you with conflicting information. Some won’t but they will feign ignorance and leave you to your own devices. Even if there’s an apparently clear end date on paper, have your wits about you. There are opportune periods before this that will prove vital for contractual negotiations. To calculate the term of your contract, a commercial energy broker must know when it originated.

Contracts have at least two points to them – a beginning and an end. Even if they have an indefinite end date, contracts will still address their own end (stick with us here). For the purpose of contract management, there is no option to extend or renew the client’s contract. Even when considering contingencies, we will approach your contract with a definitive end date in mind. Using this information, we will notify you when your contract is set to expire. More importantly, we will inform you of the time frame needed to negotiate a better deal. For example, did you know that you’re supposed to negotiate well over 3 months before your contract’s end date?

If we’re not in place to notify you of your end date, your contract will likely renew. Which means that contract end dates aren’t exactly much of an end date. It also means that if you find yourself in this situation – be wary! Energy suppliers tend to incrementally increase their fees. This is often the case when our customer’s overlook negotiations. Although the beginning and end dates of a contract can be contradictory, know that this isn’t the case. They would have been penned with the utmost precision. Power Audit UK will help untangle your current contract and will review its true end date.

We’ll take into account

Automatic Renewals

Evergreen Contracts

Relative Dates of Opportunity

Calculated End Dates

Optional Renewals 

. . . and more!

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