Commercial Energy

What Is Power Audit UK?

Power Audit is a commercial energy auditor that will help find you the best supplier for your commercial energy needs. Sean Taylor believes that great customer service with the sound knowledge of the ever-changing market. We don’t actively ‘direct market’ our services as the common disappointment is the constant telemarketing calls – some as many as four to five calls a day. We base our success on referrals and recommendations and after 22 years in the industry, this method has been tried and tested which has lead to many happy and successful working relationships.

What Can Power Audit Do For You?

At Power Audit UK we have many ways we can help you, see below of our full list of services:

Full Audit:

  • Make sure you are on the correct tariff
  • Check consumption ratio
  • Make sure you are meeting the new DCP161 requirements
  • Review contract end dates
  • Review site capabilities and capacities
  • Obtain data from existing suppliers to assist in forming any recommendations

VAT Issues:

VAT is a cost that everyone wants to keep to a minimum, especially if you are an association or a charity if you give us a call we will be able to investigate whether you are entitled to a claw back. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Bill Validation:

We offer a bill validation service for your peace of mind, we usually do this at the beginning of any new contract but also periodic re-confirmation thoughout the term of the contract.


Having to assist customers with problem accounts is on the rise. With suppliers not being able or willing to assist to poorly constructed contracts. We are more than happy to hear from you and assist you if required. In most cases it’s just prior to pulling your hair out!

Green Key Solutions:

  • DE stratification fan technology
  • Commercial boiler maintanance and replacement
  • Energy saving light planning and installation
  • Cooling and heating under floor technology
  • Grants available via national and local authorities
  • Solar panel advice and installations
  • Advise and planning of car charging units

Our green solutions are very helpful to you and the environment so we have teamed up with experts in their various fields. Some green energy products and services need specific professional advice to implement your requirements.

Newbuilds, Refurbishments and Upgrades:

When you decide to expand your site you need to make sure that your existing supplier can deliver the amount of energy you need. We can work alongside your contractor and we will be able to advise the best cause of action so you don’t get any surprises. The earliest we know your requirements the better as some upgrades can take up to four months.

Who Does Power Audit UK Work With?

We have the infrastructure to cover every conceivable supply-demand, from the single high street to a multi-site group account. Nursing homes, schools, colleges and universities are some of the sectors we work with and we also help with pubs, clubs and restaurants. Shops, charities and offices are also places we help with their energy. There are many other sectors that we help to make their commercial energy better. Why pay more for your utilities than what you have to?

Who Does a Commercial Energy Auditor do?


The role of a commercial energy auditor is to provide a client with expert advice that could later prove indispensable. Typically speaking, they could reduce a client’s energy costs by as much to 10-40%. Imagine being charged an exuberant amount as a result of unsuitable cladding fitted years before? In this case, your business is like trying to sail a boat with a previously unseen hole – sooner or later, it could see you sink.

At Power Audit UK, we gather and analyse data to optimise a business’ energy usage. Whether it’s simply making sure you’re paying the correct tariff or inspecting any weak points of energy depletion, we provide an ethical service to help you plug what could be a sinking ship.

All we require is your most recent energy bill. We’ll compare this across multiple sources of energy providers and report back to you with the best results from our findings. It really is that simple! So, if you’re in need of a commercial energy auditor, contact Power Audit UK today!

Highly Recommend


I have known Sean for over 14 years and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. It gives me peace of mind that I’m being looked after. The referrals I have given out over the years all say the same. Super helpful thank you Sean.

Saved Me Money!


I gave them a problem to resolve prior to giving them my 14 restaurants to look after. They managed to retrieve approximately £38K in billing errors! I now have one supplier for gas and one for electricity all now with a common end date. I recommend Power Audit UK to any one who wants to save money.

Super Efficient


They have looked after my Nursing and Care homes for the past 8 years. Its been hard to find someone that you can trust in a sea of sharks!! I have recommended their services, good luck to them.

Put us to the test

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Additional Information About Commercial Energy:


What is and energy audit?

an energy audit is a test that will analyse your businesses facilities, showing how much you spend on your energy. This can be an insight to how much energy you are actually using, this can be quite surprising and you’ll be amazed by how much you could save with us!

The ways businesses consume energy every day:

It’s no secret that we use lots of energy everyday especially in the work place.



  • If the temperature outside your office or workspace is lower than inside, the building will keep giving away part of the heat. Different heat sources inside the building will compensate this. If your building has a decent envelope then the less heat you will lose.
  • Heating up the water in the workplace bathroom or kitchen.
  • Ventilating heat to make the indoors more comfortable.



  • Cooking food if your workplace has a kitchen.
  • Work appliances such as computers, printers etc.
  • Pumps, ventilators.



  • Water used for drinking and sanitation.



  • Air conditioning – inflowing warm air from the outside.
  • Appliances that cool food such as fridges.


Different Sources of Energy:


Energy comes from many sources, energy audit companies such as Power Audit UK know them inside out.


Heat Energy:

  • Burning fuels such as gas, coal, wood, pellets etc.
  • Electricity generators.
  • Solar power.
  • Staff (The average person emits 20 watts of heat.)
  • Working appliances from heated up computers for example.



Electric Power:

  • Power grid.
  • Fuels such as gas, coal, wood pellets etc.
  • Other fuels including natural gas and hydrogen that are used in fuel cells and get converted into power.
  • The sun, if solar panels are available.
  • Wind generators and hydropower plants.



  • Centralised water supply.



  • Fridges, air con where heat is discharged into the environment.
  • Soil, water.

Why should you get an energy audit?

When running a business there are many costs involved and some like your energy bill can slip under the rader and this could cause damage to your business spending. You also don’t have to be an expert to realise that using less energy won’t only save you money but it will also save the environment as well. You can reduce your costs, reduce the damage inflicted onto the environment and reveals potential unaccounted energy consumption that may be used at your facility.