Commercial Power

Commercial Power


Commercial power refers to the “energy” delivered to commercial enterprises by an independent power producer (in which case, both gas and electricity would be interpreted as commercial power). Typically speaking, this energy is both generated and sold by this independent power producer through an agreed tariff with the client. This, however, is often where things can get messy. Commercial power producers are not only competitive but will take advantage of established tariffs with their customers.

This is where Power Audit UK steps in.

With over 22 years of expertise in the industry, Sean Taylor established Power Audit UK as a means of assisting customers with problem accounts that have seen a rapid rise in recent years. Some suppliers are not able or willing to assist their clients or even comment on poorly constructed contracts. This is where Sean offers his expertise in the ever changing climate of commercial power. Through his bill validation service, Sean is more than happy to take a look at your contract and determine whether or not you’re being charge excessive amounts for what your enterprise is using.

In fact, his cost cutting abilities have seen a large number of charities, associations and groups take up with Sean to keep their costs to a minimum. For example, one such expense that commercial power companies conveniently overlook is the amount of VAT they charge. Through Power Audit UK, Sean has investigated numerous businesses and seen about returns on such needless expenses, saving his clients a small fortune.

Yet Power Audit UK’s expertise don’t end there. Sean has also undertaken green solutions that not only save his client’s energy usage but also the planet too! We’ve teamed up with experts to bring you professional advice and guidance should you want an evaluation of your enterprise – or even if you want to implement such changes.

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