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Why should you switch gas and electricity?

Energy prices are always changing. In that sense, it makes sense to routinely compare energy plans. These have seen a steady rise in recent years, so stay as low as you can go. Get ahead. Beat the price cap and lock in that cheaper deal. Businesses of all sizes need to be wary of their energy bills. Why? Because . . .

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Small pebbles can become boulders. High energy prices can seriously affect your operating costs and eat into your profits. But that’s not the only reason. Unfortunately, loyalty doesn’t apply to energy suppliers. More often than not – much like domestic customers – we’ve found that businesses tend to stick with the same supplier. This often results in the business being on a higher tariff than what they could be. So, there are several key reasons why you should make the switch:

Stay as low as you can go

Shop around for the best deals to save yourself hundreds off the cost of your gas and electricity. We compare energy plans for a living and we know that it pays to save.

Take care

Is your current provider not as current as you’d like? Some are still in the Stone Age but we can find the best energy plan for you based on positive experience and ratings.

Go Green

We’ve teamed up with experts in their various fields. Some services need specific professional advice and guidance to implement necessary requirements.

We compare a wide range of suppliers and deals from across the market

We compare energy plans from over 50 suppliers – including the Big Six – all to help you get the best deal.

What does your energy plan hinge on?

When it comes to energy plans, there are many variables that must be taken into account. These include but are not limited to:


Annual consumption*


Business type


Credit rating




Scale of the business


The sector you operate in

*If you don’t have an energy bill or your annual consumption at hand we can still compare your gas and electricity. Tell us your outgoing payments and we’ll estimate your usage.

Different Contracts

Much like domestic energy suppliers, your business will be offered different tariffs for their energy plan. Some might seem welcoming but could well bring your business to its knees in future. So, what tariffs are there?


Deemed/Default Tariffs

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Unless there’s a prior agreement with your supplier, this tariff is automatic. It initiates for the business upon them moving into a new premises. The default tariff tends to take many by surprise and can be considerably more expensive than most other contracts. To avoid any nasty surprises, make sure you agree to a contract that’s suited to your business.

Green Tariffs

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Unfortunately, this tariff can be on the expensive side. Renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy are not yet widespread. Suppliers are seeking to change this but for the time being the cost is much steeper. A benefit of this, however, is that you can advertise your environmentally friendly approach to energy. What’s more appealing than saving the world?

Fixed-term Contract

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Generally considered the cheaper option, these tariffs are a fixed fee. However, these long-term contracts tend to automatically renew and are prone to price escalations. Also, if you find a better deal in the meantime, you may as well kiss it goodbye. There are hefty early-termination fees which would render that tantalising deal somewhat pointless.

Flexible Tariffs

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This is a great tariff for larger businesses. The tariff is based on your predicted energy use and peak usage – when random energy spikes occur. Your business can bulk buy energy which it uses as a physical commodity. If it buys too much energy, it can simply sell any unused energy back to the grid. Cut out the middle man with this energy plan!

Variable Tariffs

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With this tariff, no two bills will be the same. Your supplier will expect you to only pay for the energy you use each month. Which sounds good, right? Not exactly. The rate of pay is higher than that of a fixed tariff. Plus, you’ll have no form of protection against the market’s fluctuations. Trust us when we say that the price of gas and electricity can vary wildly.

Why you need us

Whether you’re setting up as a sole trader or a limited company – or even a large corporation – don’t overlook the importance of your utilities. It’s well worth your time talking to a commercial energy broker like us. We effectively compare energy plans and can optimise your energy to work for you.

The likelihood of you being on the most optimal energy plan is slim to none.

If you haven’t already switched, you could cut your energy bills by hundreds of pounds. There’s no one cheap energy solution but we can help you see through the fog. Switching to a new energy tariff is quick and easy, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Need help with your energy plan?

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