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Comparing energy suppliers can be a daunting task . . . if you’re not Sean Taylor. Sean established Power Audit UK to help his clients reduce their commercial energy bills. There’s no doubt that the best way to save money is to be in complete control of what you’re spending and why. If you don’t know you’re sailing a sinking ship, you’ll steer to course and flood your vessel. Although some may see comparing energy suppliers to be a hassle, Power Audit UK strive to plug your leak and provide you with viable solutions going forward.


Unsatisfied with your energy suppliers?

We’ve got you covered. Some suppliers charge inflated numbers simply because they can. In fact, prior to 2013, the Big Six energy providers dominated the UK energy market. Ofgem – the UK government regulator – intervened and established the Consumer Vulnerability Strategy. This gave alternative providers a shot and injected a much needed spark of competition to the energy supplier spectrum. This newfound innovation led to rethinking existing tariffs, with each supplier offering wildly varying prices. Given that smaller energy providers have smaller overheads, customers could see the savings fair their way. However, it can be difficult to trust an institution with an unverified past – but that’s where Power Audit UK come in. Using our contacts and expertise, we can mediate and establish whether you can trust not only the provider but the offer too.


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