Energy Audit Companies

Power Audit UK is one of the UK’s most reliable commercial energy audit Companies. Our aim is to take the hard work away from our customers who are searching for the best supplier for their commercial energy requirements.

Who are Power Audit UK?

Power Audit UK is run by Sean Taylor, who has been in the industry of commercial energy audit companies for over 22 years. We work with all sectors of businesses including schools, universities and colleges across Dorset and close by areas.

What sets us apart from other Energy Audit Companies?

Sean Taylor believes that outstanding customer service and strong knowledge on the always changing energy market are key when dealing with any of his clients. We have always based our success on referrals and recommendations and never actively direct the market to us through direct telemarketing calls. We truly go out of our way to make sure that you get the best energy deal for your commercial business.

The Services We Offer:


Full Audit

• Make sure your current Tariff is correct.

• Check ratio of consumption.

• Make sure you are meeting the new DCP161 requirements.

• Review the ending dates of your contract.

• Review capacities and capabilities of your site.

• Obtain data for your existing suppliers to assist in making any recommendations.


Bill Validation

For your peace of mind while dealing with commercial energy audit companies such as ourselves, Power Audit UK offer a bill validation service. This will primarily be at the start of any new contract but also during periodic re-confirmation throughout the term of your contract.


Green Key Solutions

As well as green tariff pricing, Power Audit UK have teamed up with experts in their various fields. To implement your requirements, some green energy products may need specific professional advice and guidance from these experts.

• DE stratification fan technology.

• Maintenance and replacement for commercial boiler.

• Energy saving light planning and installation.

• Underfloor technology for heating and cooling.

• Grants available via local and national authorities.

• Advice and installations for solar panels.

• Car charging units advice and planning.



The number of issues concerning assisting customers with problem accounts seems to be on the rise from suppliers who cannot or will not provide assistance to contracts that have been poorly constructed. Power Audit UK always prove their worth by offering our help if you require it.


Newbuild, Refurbishments and Upgrades

When you want to expand your existing site with various additional machinery, you will need to consider if your existing energy supplier can meet these needs. We will work alongside your contractor to advise the best path to take so there aren’t any unwanted surprises once production on the upgrade starts. Some upgrade can take months to complete so the earlier you speak to us about your requirements the better.


VAT Issues

Groups such as charaties for example that will need assistance to keep costs to a minimum as much as possible. VAT being charged is an example of one of the expenses. Give Power Audit UK a call and we will investigate the chances of being able to claw back something. You won’t lose anything, the only result will be gaining more.

How does the process work?

We are one of the most highly regarded commercial energy audit companies in the area, part of our excellent reputation is based on the simplicity of what we require from our customers to start finding the best energy deals for their company. Follow the 3 simple steps below to get started:

Put us to the test

Submit your energy bill below with 3 simple steps

1.  Send us your energy bill
2.  We will assess and research the market
3.  We provide you with the best deals based on our findings

Other Information about Energy Audit Companies and their services:


Why is it important to use a energy audit company such as Power Audit UK?

Saving money on energy bills are important to most businesses, whether the company is big or small. What stresses most people out is the sheer massive volume of energy companies to choose from. That’s why a energy audit company such as Power Audit UK are the ideal option to help you find which supplier to go with. Having our extensive knowledge available will allow you to make a wiser choice on where you are spending to much money on energy and what supplier could reduce this.


What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a test that analyses your business facility, showing  how much you are spending on your energy.  Sometimes this insight can be quite surprising and you’ll be amazed by how much you could save with energy audit companies.


Why should you get an energy audit?

There are so many budget numbers to think about when you run a business, if you are not careful your energy bills can creep up on you very easily and can cause potential damage to your business spending. You also don’t have to be an expert to realise that using less energy is less harmful to the environment. Power Audit UK can help you get a stronger grip on your spending costs and increase the health of your business earnings. Save the environment and money!

  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Reduce environmental damage.
  • Increase comfort of your employees.
  • Increase the life of equipment used at your workplace.
  • Reveals potential unaccounted energy consumption that may be used at your facility.



What Do People Have to Say about Power Audit UK?

“Sean helped me save so much money on my office’s energy bills during 2019 and I’m sure I’ll save even more in 2020 and beyond”.   Joshua – Broadstone, Poole

“ You should of seen my face when I found out how much unnecessary money I was spending on our energy bills at our work facility in Bournemouth – Sean helped me find a much better supplier and I have never looked back!” Sarah, Bournemouth.

“Power Audit UK is the best of the energy audit companies I have used, Sean explained everything in plain English and was helpful through the entire process.” Karl, Ferndown.


The ways businesses consume energy every day:

It’s no secret that we use lots of energy everyday especially in the work place.



  • If the temperature outside your office or workspace is lower than inside, the building will keep giving away part of the heat. Different heat sources inside the building will compensate this. If your building has a decent envelope then the less heat you will lose.
  • Heating up the water in the workplace bathroom or kitchen.
  • Ventilating heat to make the indoors more comfortable.



  • Cooking food if your workplace has a kitchen.
  • Work appliances such as computers, printers etc.
  • Pumps, ventilators.



  • Water used for drinking and sanitation.



  • Air conditioning – inflowing warm air from the outside.
  • Appliances that cool food such as fridges.


Different Sources of Energy:


Energy comes from many sources, energy audit companies such as Power Audit UK know them inside out.


Heat Energy:

  • Burning fuels such as gas, coal, wood, pellets etc.
  • Electricity generators.
  • Solar power.
  • Staff (The average person emits 20 watts of heat.)
  • Working appliances from heated up computers for example.



Electric Power:

  • Power grid.
  • Fuels such as gas, coal, wood pellets etc.
  • Other fuels including natural gas and hydrogen that are used in fuel cells and get converted into power.
  • The sun, if solar panels are available.
  • Wind generators and hydropower plants.



  • Centralised water supply.



  • Fridges, air con where heat is discharged into the environment.
  • Soil, water.