Energy Auditor Companies near me

Energy Auditor Companies near me

Operating from Ferndown, Dorset, Power Audit UK are close by for your energy auditor needs. Given our proximity, we’re able to provide less wait time so we’re great in a troubleshooting emergency. Had a bill through and thought, that simply won’t do? We can help. Our services provide a comfort when you’ve received worrisome news and need an expert’s opinion. Know we’re always on hand when you need us most.

The power behind Power Audit UK


With a proven formula for success, Sean Taylor created Power Audit UK to continue his legacy. Revolting against oppressive telemarketers, Power Audit UK refuse to use ‘direct market’ tactics. Our success stems from referrals and recommendations. Purely because Sean believes in the personal approach. After all, it’s a tried and tested method to a happy and successful working relationship.

What is an energy audit and why are they so important?


An energy audit analyses your business facilities for energy expenditure. Once instigated, this can reveal shocking leaks or faults in power consumption. You’ll be stunned at how much you can save, especially when that should be a priority for any business. These are troubling times. Whether your company is big or small, money funnelled into power shouldn’t go to waste. The trouble is, business owners are spoilt for choice by the sheer volume of energy companies. It could take hours to wade through searches to reach a hidden gem. Even then, what seemed like a good deal at first, could soon sour. That’s where Power Audit UK come in. Situated nearby, we have extensive knowledge on how you should spend your money, to save you money.

How does it work?


We don’t mean to boast but we’re one of the most highly regarded commercial energy auditors near you. Our outstanding reputation begins from the simplicity. Simply reach out and get in touch. Power Audit UK will do all the legwork and make your involvement as stress free as possible! To start finding the best energy deals for your company, get in touch below.

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