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With over 22 years of experience under his belt, Sean Taylor is an accomplished Energy Auditor. Steering clear of common cold calling tactics, he established Power Audit UK and has since amassed an eclectic clientele through offering advice that’s reduced client’s energy costs from as much as 40%.

One client was saved from a 5-year contract carrying rates 34% higher than alternative offers! Thrilled with the personable touch Sean delivered, they have blessed Power Audit UK with their current and future business.

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How do we do it?


Through gathering and analysing data, Sean’s professional advice has stalled exuberant amounts of bills and optimised hundreds of businesses’ energy usage. Our aim is to simply take the hard work out of finding the best supplier for your commercial energy needs. Through our assessments, we offer an ethical service with a friendly approach to environmental sustainability.

If you’re interested in a full audit, then we’ll verify whether you’re on the correct tariff, check your consumption ratio and make sure you’re in compliance with the new DCP161 requirements. From there, we’ll review your contract perimeters and establish your sites efficiency in relation to its capacity. Finally, we’ll get back to you with our recommendation for an existing supplier.

What’s best is that all we need is your most recent energy bill. Power Audit UK will then compare this across multiple sources of energy providers and report back to you with the best results from our findings.


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