How to Save Energy

Businesses need to save money to make money. Otherwise, their turnover could cease and dwindle before they know it . . . they’re out of business. Worse yet, this could be you. After all, if you’re reading this, you could well be one of the many businesses. So, are you neglecting how to save energy and lower your consumption charges? If so, the following tactics for energy conservation are simple and need not be expensive!

Through gathering and analysing data, Power Audit UK has saved our clients thousands. Our eclectic clientele includes a large number of charities, associations and groups. Each and every business we have worked with have benefited from our sound advice. In fact, our guidance on how to save energy has reduced our client’s energy costs by as much as 40%. However, there are simpler steps you can take before reaching out to an energy auditor.

Here are some key tips on how to save energy:

Turn off unnecessary lights

You could save a small fortune through being smarter with your lighting choices. Turn off ceiling lights in rooms that are not in use and adjust automatic lighting sensors. If possible, use natural lighting. Otherwise, LED’s are a fantastic alternative to standard bulbs.

Turn your water off wherever possible

By this, we not only mean the steps between washing your hands or that dirty mug but also a leak. A leaky faucet is – in essence – an unattended tap left on. Consider how much water quite literally goes down the drain because of this. Now reimagine that water as money!

Unplug unused electronics

Standby power can account for up to 10% of your annual energy usage. That’s with your devices non-operational but raring to go. That little red or blue light is costing you a small fortune. Simply turn your devices off at the wall and stall that drain on your bills.

Adjust your automatic air conditioner

Whenever your staff are out of the building, do you really need your air conditioning switched on? Whilst ventilation is a must, it’s something that can be utilised smartly. Modify when your conditioning units turn on and off to see some savings.

Manage your heater

This is much the same as the previous point. Incremental changes to your heating can build up – especially when it comes to your pennies. Lowering your thermostat by two degrees could save you 5% on your bill. Lowering it a further five degrees could save you 10%.

Monitor your usage

Efficiency is the aim of the game! Keep an eye on what you’re using. Otherwise, how can you keep yourself accounted for? Check your consumption rates. This is a key area for anyone who is serious about getting their finances under control.

From here, we would suggest you reach out to a professional energy auditor. Whilst you should keep a keen eye on your consumption levels, an energy auditor will be able to optimise it. Our intervention will show you clear and personalised methods on how to save energy. Each business is different and relies on varying factors for its unique conditions. Once we look into the exact specifications and usage of your business, we’ll be able to cater to your precise needs. Our professional advice has successfully optimised hundreds of business’ energy usage. Better still, we’ve stalled exuberant amounts of bills. With some simple steps, this could be you.

Before we move on, we must reiterate those previous points. You might find them obvious solutions but they will make a big difference. Switching off your devices is a no-brainer but such simple measures can save you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds. Plus, most chargers consume a small amount of energy even when they’re not plugged into a device. A good signifier as to whether something is using power is whether it’s generating some form of heat. Check those plugs people!


This brings us onto our quintessential point on how to save energy. . .

Encourage your staff

Everyone within your business is responsible for the energy efficiency of your building. Bring your staff into the equation. Inform them of the necessary steps that need to be made. Encourage and monitor your staff’s efforts to reduce their own energy consumption. Little things can build to become big problems. If a member of staff spies a leak but doesn’t raise the alarm? That’s money down the drain. Someone leaves a light on in an empty room? Money burned away. It’s the little things that can become big problems. Make your staff aware of the environmental implications such measures will have. After all, their goodwill could not only help save your business, it could save the planet too!

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