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When you come with us we make sure that you are on the correct tariff for your business, we will also review your contract end dates. We can also obtain data from existing suppliers to assist in forming any recommendations, We also have experts in various fields, we can get you an energy saving light planning and installation for you so that you can start saving money and the planet. We can even give you advice on solar panels and installation. Some green energy products and services need specific professional advice and guidance to implement your requirements.

There are a number of groups, associations and charities etc. that need every assistance to keep costs down to a minimum. We offer a bill validation service for peace of mind, primarily at the beginning of any new contract but also periodic re-confirmation thoughout the term of the contract. When expanding any existing site to accommodate additional machinery you will need to establish whether or not your existing supply will be able to deliver. Have a look at our services here!

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