Utility Suppliers

What are utility suppliers?

Utility suppliers are industries who provide the power for public and commercial infrastructure. They can be a slippery bunch so it’s always best to get the advice of a professional. Fortunately, they’re kept largely in check by the government regulator for gas and electricity, Ofgem. Yet, for years the Big Six have dominated the market (more on them below). According to Ofgem, however, 28% of customers have recently transitioned to smaller and medium utility suppliers (January to October 2020).

Energy. Drive. Power.

Without energy . . .

your business has no drive.

Without drive . . .

your trade has no power.

Without power . . .

you have no business.

Power is ultimately in the hands of the provider. Which can be a dangerous tightrope for your business to walk. You’re at the mercy of your provider – and you best hope your utility suppliers offer a fair deal. After all, they’re businesses in and of themselves, so profit is high on their priorities. However, each is also fiercely competitive. They try to snag customers from their competitors on the daily. For most businesses, this is a minefield that could result in significant losses. But not for us. This is where commercial energy brokers like Power Audit UK come into play.

We undertake impartial examinations of sites and their business practices. Once our investigation is complete, Power Audit UK can assess whether you’re being appropriately charged. If you’re not, then we can go one step further. We whittle down our choices from dozens of suppliers all offering unique contracts. It’s painstaking work to the uninitiated but we’ll run through the basics below.

Who are the Big Six utility suppliers?

When people refer to the “Big Six” they’re referring to the six biggest utility suppliers in the UK.

British Gas

M. 1973. Began life as a state-supervised gas supplier, known as “British Gas Corporation”. However, it has a storied history dating back to the reign of King George III. It’s the biggest energy supplier and (as of 1997) is owned by the British utility multinational Centrica.


Supplies gas & electricity to 13 million UK customers

EDF Energy

M. 2002. Came about after the acquisition and merger of several British energy companies. Today, it is owned by the French-state controlled EDF. As of 2009, it is the largest provider of electricity due to its acquisition of nuclear generator British Energy.


Supplies gas & electricity to 5 million UK customers


M. 1989. Formally Powergen, one of the original companies formed after the 1989 Electricity Act. In 2007, it became E.ON after being acquired by the German energy company, E.ON AG. Its namesake is derived from the Greek word aeon, which means age.


Supplies electricity to 3.8 million UK customers


M. 2000. Formally National Power, one of the original companies formed after the 1989 Electricity Act. It became Innogy PLC in the UK in 2000, only to be acquired by German utility company RWE. It was rebranded Npower two years later.


Supplies gas & electricity to 3.6 million UK customers

Scottish Power

M. 1990. Formed after the 1989 Electricity Act, Scottish Power originated from the privatisation of the Scottish energy supply. Contrary to its name, it supplies energy for clients outside of Scotland and was later acquired by Spanish energy firm Iberdrola in 2006.


Supplies gas & electricity to 5.2 million UK customers

SSE plc

M. 1998. Established as a merger between a Scottish hydroelectricity project and the Southern Energy board. It was later acquired by the British energy supplier, OVO Energy – which was once one of over 15 smaller energy companies competing with the Big Six.


Supplies gas & electricity to 6 million UK customers

Why settle for the Big Six when you can soar with small & medium utility suppliers?


Okay so you know who the Big Six are – but should you use them as your utility supplier? Not necessarily. The Big Six have faced criticism in the past for their domination over the market. Yet, despite reviews from both Ofgem and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), no misconduct was found. This was despite them routinely receiving claims from customers regarding the inflation of charges from the Big Six. This behaviour prompted suspicion and led customers into the open arms of smaller and medium-sized utility suppliers.

So, who is there?

Nowadays it seems that everyone’s a utility supplier! It’s a lucrative business but not every supplier is as secure as they seem – or at least that’s what the vast majority of business owners seem to believe. For example, some think that if a smaller supplier went out of business, you would lose your energy with them. This isn’t necessarily the case. In the event of bankrupt suppliers, Ofgem will initiate Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR). This safety net will assign your business to a fit provider within days. This means you can reap the rewards of a more competitive tariff and better customer service!

That said, when it comes to choosing the perfect utility supplier for your business, it’s not just a matter of circumstance. It’s a matter of timing. Your business could well score a perfect deal with one of the Big Six. However, energy brokers like us will be able to see through the mist and strike while the iron is hot. To do this, we’ll need a few things from you.


Your postcode

This will help us isolate the best tariffs in your area.


Your current energy usage

This is available to view on your latest bill.


Trouble locating this?

We’ll ask you a few questions, such as your consumption habits.


We’ll filter the results

We’ll share our findings, including a selection of tariffs.

We’ll suggest the best deal

Based on elements like total cost, kWH rates and standing charges.

The following is not an exhaustive list. There are many, many more utility suppliers available!

Greener UK Utility Suppliers

Smaller & Medium UK Utility Suppliers

Need help with your utility suppliers?


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